AIXI Anaytics

Know What’s Next

AIXI Analytics identifies maintenance and reliability issues with your fleet as soon as statistically possible. With high-accuracy decision support, our AI-enabled trend and analytics tools provide early detection of individual aircraft and fleet-wide health problems.

Reliability teams don’t have to wonder if an issue will impact their entire fleet or poll their team to get a sense of how far-reaching a problem is or could be.

AIXI Analytics AI-tools use trend identification, root cause analysis, and historic data to provide powerful observations.

AIXI Analytics first assigns the correct ATA codes to your maintenance records, then adds a second ATA code to the discrepancy. This gives insight to the fault/fix relationship.

We also offer three additional codes that identify what failed, how it failed, and what happened.

AIXI Analytics enables a faster and smarter allocation of maintenance resources, improved reliability, increased efficiency, and lower operational costs.

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