ATA AutoCoder

AI-powered tools normalize and standardize complex data

AIXI’s ATA AutoCoder seamlessly inserts AI tools into an airline’s maintenance workflow. Our large, industry-specific language model and proprietary neural network assimilates, clarifies, and categorizes MRO data in real-time. This enhances efficiency, supports uninterrupted operations, and boosts safety by quickly identifying maintenance issues.

“Accurate aircraft and fleet trending, prescriptive maintenance and, in the future, predictive maintenance would not be possible without AIXI’s technology.”

Barry Lott, Director, Aircraft Records and Maintenance Reliability at Southwest Airlines

How accurate and useful is your MRO data?

Let’s say that your airline is managing:

  • Feedback from more than 10,000 pilots

  • Who fly upwards of 4,000 routes each day

  • On any one of your 800 aircraft

  • Which are maintained by 3,000 maintenance technicians

  • Across 30 different and dedicated maintenance lines

AIXI’s ATA AutoCoder solves this complexity.

It’s optimized for accuracy and certainty.

AIXI’s ATA AutoCoder generates up to ATA five codes, not just two, our tool helps technicians identify, address, and resolve complicated sensor-to-fix challenges faster than any other ATA coding method available.

| ATA AutoCoder Benefits |

  • Delivers 98% accuracy in real-time
  • Offers operational savings and reallocation of headcount
  • Identifies maintenance issues saving millions each year
  • Increases safety
  • Reduces delays
  • Integrates with other maintenance technologies