ATA AutoCoder

Empower complex data

AIXI’s ATA AutoCoder is optimized for speed and accuracy. Enabled by AIXI’s ILM and and proprietary neural network, the ATA AutoCoder assigns five codes – two ATA and three English-based – to every maintenance log in real time and with 98% accuracy. It codes all historic records creating the accurate, consistent data foundation needed to empower technicians and optimize MRO procedures.

“Accurate aircraft and fleet trending, prescriptive maintenance and, in the future, predictive maintenance would not be possible without AIXI’s technology.”

Barry Lott, Director, Aircraft Records and Maintenance Reliability at Southwest Airlines

Consider this scenario. Your maintenance data comes from:

MRO Lines

With that many inputs, how consistent, accurate, and useful can your MRO data actually be?

AIXI’s ATA AutoCoder recognizes and normalizes MRO data.

  • Assimilates, clarifies, and categorizes MRO data
  • Delivers 98% accuracy in real-time
  • Identifies maintenance fix probabilities
  • Integrates with other maintenance technologies
  • Offers operational savings and reallocation of headcount
  • Reduces delays
  • Increases safety

Accurate data is essential. Most airlines are not addressing the underling reliability issues with their core data. AIXI’s ATA AutoCoder cleans, standardizes, and assimilates your data and to provide actionable maintenance information.

This is the first step to resolving complicated sensor-to-fix challenges as well as larger maintenance and business questions that rely on ATA code data.

The ATA AutoCoder is faster than any other ATA coding method available. A simple-to-integrate tool, it stands to save airlines millions each year by empowering technicians with accurate, actionable data that keeps planes flying.

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