Prescriptive Maintenance

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Our prescriptive maintenance tool influence go/no-go decisions based on ATA codes and an airline’s foundational data. Our proprietary AI tools provide workable solutions alongside the fix rate’s probability. It’s a game-changer for teams responsible for safety and keeping planes on schedule.

AIXI’s Answers Show What and How

With an aging maintenance workforce that’s retiring from the field, airlines can’t rely on teammates to effectively pass down experience. This creates a knowledge vacuum that directly impacts line maintenance decisions.

AIXI’s Prescriptive Maintenance Tools answer:

  • What is the issue?
  • Will it cause a delay and how long?
  • Is this a chronic issue for this aircraft?
  • How have we fixed this in the past?
  • How often did that fix work?
  • What MEL procedure correlates?

Fueled with information that can impact safety or delays, AIXI’s Prescriptive Maintenance tools guide fast, effective action.

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